Spaghetti in the family

Genuine Italian food in a real Italian family.

Welcome to Rome, the eternal city where, in our millennial family, a love of the arts merges with a passion for “culinary arts”.

The mission of our “school of Italian Cuisine” is not only to offer you a tasty journey through the genuine flavors of Italian cuisine, but also to tell you the story of a city, the Caput Mundi, which the entire nation is proud of.

We do this by taking you on our “Italy and Rome food tours” through sites  unknown to mass tourism, and therefore more authentic, charming and full of pleasant surprises.



For us learning”culinary arts” starts with a good wine.
We serve you local but internationally recognised and prized wines, on the house, for you to start your “cooking course” in a good mood.

Classes always begin with a traditional starter accompanied by a chilled, typically Umbrian, white wine from the Grechetto vineyard. Pale yellow in colour, this wine has a distinctive, intense, fruity taste which lingers harmoniously on the palate. A ruby coloured red wine, tasting of berries and coming from the Ciliegiolo vineyard, is served to accompany first courses, cold cuts and cheeses.

And then of course there is the basis of Italian cuisine, extra virgin olive oil, the only oil that we use in our kitchen, for our recipes, in your own creations and of course on your favourite bruschetta!

One day cookery Course

Are fettuccine your forbidden desire? So fulfill it! We’ll teach you how to make them and cook them with traditional Italian sauces and a traditional dessert to end our class on a sweet note. You will return home able to prepare a perfect and delicious Italian lunch for your family and friends!


Weekend cookery course

A weekend of real Italian cuisine in a real Italian family. To give your “Roman Holiday” a spark come and learn how to prepare a traditional Sunday lunch and how to shop for it the day before. Saturday morning is spent shopping in Val Melaina market, the biggest and most famous food market in northern Rome, used by all those who appreciate quality matched with cost.

This farmer’s market provides the opportunity to learn how to choose and buy all necessary ingredients for a traditional weekend meal. Tradition dictates that Romans eat trippa (tripe) on Saturdays, it’s a workman’s dish but very flavoursome. (more…)

Italian Master Chef in 5 days

Italian Master Chef is our most comprehensive cookery course. Five mornings are dedicated to Italian cuisine beginning with our starters followed by traditional fish, meat and side dishes, and concluding with desserts. The first introductory lesson focuses on the basics of cooking,  from quality olive oil to the choice of ingredients. The second lesson (Tuesday) starts with a visit to the market, source of all fresh and authentic ingredients for our homemade recipes. (more…)

Eat with us

Authentic Roman cuisine, from carbonara to saltimbocca, only in our house, only in our garden, every nights!
A weekend in the Eternal City can’t be perfect without knowing real Roman cuisine. Not only can Spaghetti in the Family offer you this but it can teach you as well, starting with a good glass of wine followed by a real pasta cacio e pepe and concluding with classical Roman desserts.



Il “Tempio di Morfeo” is a bed and breakfast located in Rome, in Montesacro,
one of the oldest and most residential districts and a few steps from the cooking school “Spaghetti in the Family”

The structure is an ancient villa from 1922 that still retains the charm of the liberty style combined with modern comforts:

parking inside reserved
Free wi- fi
sweet and savory buffet breakfast
garden for events and summer breakfast
sun terrace


Welcome, comfort and hospitality.

These are the three pillars of the newborn Bed and Breakfast Wine & Vinyls.
Born from the experience as visitors of many cities around the world he wants to return the wealth of experience to travelers,
tourists and to all those who want to visit and to live the heart of Rome button Rome.



Spaghetti in the Family

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