Italian Master Chef in 5 days

Italian Master Chef is our most comprehensive cookery course. Five mornings are dedicated to Italian cuisine beginning with our starters followed by traditional fish, meat and side dishes, and concluding with desserts. The first introductory lesson focuses on the basics of cooking,  from quality olive oil to the choice of ingredients. The second lesson (Tuesday) starts with a visit to the market, source of all fresh and authentic ingredients for our homemade recipes.

Val Melania market, less than a kilometer away from our school, is one of the largest and most popular markets in the capital, used by Romans from the northern areas. Tuesday’s shopping focuses on vegetables and flavorings as well as fish, which are the ingredients for our seafood first courses, macaroni with mussels and beans, spaghetti with clams, etc. and for a main fish dish to be prepared the following day.

The focus of Wednesday’s lesson is on handmade pasta and the main fish course. Fettuccine, maltagliati (mixed shapes of pasta), quadrucci (square shaped pasta) are prepared as well as potato and semolina gnocchi.  Thursday’s lesson again starts  with shopping at Val Melaina market, this time to buy meat and vegetables.

Preparing a cut of meat which needs marinating allows aspiring chefs to learn the secrets of complex dishes that take two days to prepare. The next day, which is the last day of Italian Master Chef, is dedicated to preparing a handmade first course (ravioli, cannelloni, lasagne) followed by a main meat dish. Each day concludes with tasting sessions of desserts, homemade for the Baratta family’s feasts and celebrations.


  • 10.00 to 15.00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • 9:30 to 15.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Membership Fee per person from 350€

Costs include:

  • Annual Membership with Spaghetti in the Family;
  • transport in private cars on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the meeting point (B1 subway station Conca d’Oro) to Val Melaina market and to the school;
  • expenses for all ingredients;
  • tasting sessions (starters and desserts),
  • first courses, main courses and desserts; wines.


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