RomaEatFood Tour & Spaghetti in the family

15 November 2015


Are you a food and wine lover ? Are you curious to discover the ancient secrets of  Italian traditional cuisine, walking in the most magnificent corners of Rome and living the Vatican area like a real  Roman? Do you want to cook  dishes of the tradition with expert chefs? This is the tour for you !!!
You will walk in the central Prati neighborhood, close to the heart of the eternal city but away from the tourist traps.

You will be followed throughout the day by archaeologists, Romans since seven generations, that will tell you many stories of Rome and many curiosities about the culinary traditions of the city.
You will discover the local market where real Romans still buy their food every day like their grandparents and  mothers did and you will eat the best food of the traditional Roman and Italian cuisine freshly prepared and served by the owners of  the stalls and shops.
After walking, eating, shopping, discovering secret places … and visiting a real laboratory of handmade pasta … You will be ready to put all the ingredients togheter with some real Italian chefs who will cook for you, but above all with you !!!
Ready to get your hands dirty? After a food tour to discover Rome, its hidden charms and its food, and after choosing the ingredients for lunch, it’s time for a wonderfull  cooking class!

Finally at home ! In a real roman house , with a real Roman family : father , mother , children , grandchildren and grandmother . In Montesacro Città Giardino , a neighborhood that still keeps its Liberty style , peaceful and full of  green .  The Baratta family will welcome you with typical Italian warmth and  hospitality , making you feel like family friends forever. In the large kitchen on the stove there will be the ” coccio ” with the tomato sauce that is simmering, the ingredients ready for the preparation of our famous Tiramisu dessert and the pasta dough ready to be transformed by you in a plate of noodles . We will prepare together  sauces for  the noodles and one for  ravioli  and a delicious pastry and then finally : everyone at the table to eat !