Spaghetti in the family

Genuine Italian food in a real Italian family.

Welcome to Rome, the eternal city where, in our millennial family, a love of the arts merges with a passion for “culinary arts”.

The mission of our “school of Italian Cuisine” is not only to offer you a tasty journey through the genuine flavors of Italian cuisine, but also to tell you the story of a city, the Caput Mundi, which the entire nation is proud of.

We do this by taking you on our “Italy and Rome food tours” through sites  unknown to mass tourism, and therefore more authentic, charming and full of pleasant surprises.

Our “taste of home school of Italian cuisine” is at your disposal with great traditional Italian dishes, made with quality local and seasonal products and freshly prepared during our “cooking classes” and “cooking courses”, by ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

Our offspring are the best “Master Chefs” of our “school of Italian cuisine”, with recipes that satisfy every individual’s requirements and requests.

As well as having inherited a taste for quality cuisine, our young chefs have also worked with famous Italian and international “Chefs”, therefore are equipped  not only to run the “best culinary school” but also to surprise you during our evenings of “eat with us “.

Their success is confirmed every day by the presence of many international and Italian guests who follow our “culinary art” demonstrations.  This “cooking experience” always starts in the best possible way, with our “free” aperitifs. You will never be without a glass of good wine alongside the most traditional Italian and Roman “starters”.

Come to spend your “italian culinary vacations” with us and “learn to cook at home” taking this experience to your own country.
Because only with Spaghetti in the Family can you taste real Italian cooking in a real Italian family: the Baratta Family!