The chefs

Chef Pietro

Pietro Baratta

Despite parental suggestions to go to university, Pietro didn’t manage to restrain his desire to become a professional chef. So, as soon as he finished high school, he enrolled at the Academy of Taste and since then hasn’t stopped cooking.

Curious globetrotter, he explored the Far East in search of new tastes and  combinations. On concluding the course in oriental cuisine at the Asian Food Training in Siemreap, he moved to London, where he worked for two years as a chef, working at Jamie Oliver’s “Fifteen”.
Curious and creative, he is often found in the kitchen experimenting with new combinations and new creative presentations that seem to defy gravity.

Chef Luca

Luca Severino

Before learning to read and write, young Luca was a factory of questions: Why do you add the garlic without peeling it? Why do you add sugar to the tomatoes? Why does stock make  foam? Growing up, he fortunately found out by himself the many answers to dozens of his questions and doubts that gripped him since childhood.

When, back in 2008, for the first time he walked through the door of a restaurant to work in it, the whole family breathed a sigh of relief. Since then many years have passed and Luca’s curiosity has never died.

He’s an experimenter, a perfectionist, and this was noticed even by the Londoners when they saw him coming, this time full of answers, in the winter of 2011. In the two years spent in London he was very much appreciated, becoming sommelier at “Corrigan’s” restaurant of Upper Grosvenor, and Chef at the “Mayak” restaurant in Point Pleasant Wandsworth and at the “Ida” Restaurant on 5th Avenue.

Today, it is he who answers all the questions!

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Gabriele Pallone

His passion for cooking started when he was a kid, observing the love that Uncle Roberto put into preparing Sunday lunches. At 16 he began to work in a pizzeria, spending a short period of time in the kitchens of a Calabrese restaurant, and making, in 2005, the big leap to London.

He lived in the English capital for three years, during which he became Chef and Kitchen Director.

He worked among others at “Dans le Noir?” in Clerkenwell Green and at the “Percento” restaurant in Ludgate Hill. Moving back to Rome, he studies sport and wellness.

Today is also a Professional Coach.

Outgoing and friendly, he now shares his passion and experience with Spaghetti in the Family guests, many of whom have become his friends.