Famiglia baratta (1)

The family

la zia

The Aunt

The aunt
In all Italian families there is an aunt, and the family Baratta is no exception.
Aunt Graziella is a practical woman and rational. After so many years spent doing the public manager, she has now decided that it’s time to take control of Family Baratta foodstuffs.
Great connoisseur of prices and seasonal fluctuations, she can always find the best product to take in to the kitchen. A key resource for Spaghetti in the Family!
And if inspired, she grapples with the kitchen creating refined dishes and tasty. If you are lucky you can learn from her the famous vitel tonnè or the Italian frying!

The Newphews | Giuseppe

From the Sicilian branch of the family, straight from the island of Stromboli, after completing a degree in Communication Sciences, Giuseppe became a Production Manager, which allowed him to travel the world and mix with people of different cultures.

Now 30 years old, he uses his organization skills to perfectly manage the complex workings of Spaghetti in the Family, making every guest feel important and unique.

Whenever the opportunity arises Giuseppe escapes to his beloved island of Stromboli (Aeolian islands) where he transforms himself into a Rossellini character, barefoot, tanned and at the helm of his beloved boat. His dream is to open a branch of Spaghetti in the Family in Stromboli. Who knows?

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The Newphews | Gabriele

30 years old, before graduating in Sports Science and becoming a football coach at Trigoria, Gabriele lived and worked in London as a cook for four years, specializing in cured meat and fish.

A great expert in cutting and slicing (a big part of his cooking classes) he has a passion for making polpette out of beef, cod, eggplant, chicken… Gabriele manages to turn any ingredient that happens between his hands into a succulent spheric shaped polpetta!

With great organizational skills Gabriele juggles sports and cooking, training with equal enthusiasm teenagers in shorts and aspiring cooks in pinafores. His love for cooking and his jovial demeanor are contagious and every lesson turns into a cheerful time spent with old friends.

Chef Luca

The newphews | Luca

30 years old with a degree in Economics, Luca has a great passion for handmade pasta and quality wines. Expert in early Italian cuisine and in particular Roman cuisine you will find Luca throughout the night preparing sautee fettuccine or carbonara for his night owl friends.

Unbeatable is his preparation of stuffed turnovers and fried vegetables, he uses a secret recipe for his batter with yeast. On business trips to London Luca was always appreciated for his ability and speed in preparing handmade fettuccine. When not cooking Luca devotes his time to his flower balcony, replacing his black chef apron with a green gardener’s one and looking after his plants with the same attention he would devote to a plate of spaghetti.


The Offspring | Nina and Sofia

30 and 20 years old, have both developed a passion for cooking and a fascination for the culinary arts.

With their organization “Le Moscerine” they have launched a very popular cooking course for Little Chefs where they teach children from the age of three easy recipes from the classic Italian tradition, such as Neapolitan pizza, ravioli and fruit jams.

Their beautifully decorated biscuits (to hang on the Christmas tree or to eat with milk) are painted with bright food colours. All the raw materials they use are of the best quality and strictly organic.

Chef Pietro

The offspring | Pietro

23 years old, turned his passion for cooking into a profession.

On finishing high school Pietro attended the Cooking School at Rome’s Academy of Taste and then travelled the world (learning more about international cuisine, such as the rudiments of Cambodian cuisine at the Asian Food Training  in Siemreap) and stopped in London, where he lived for two years working as chef at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen.

Full of enthusiasm and projects, Pietro’s dream is to open a restaurant of his own in a corner of paradise in Thailand, where he will sell pies with herbs and salt cod patties.

mamma Tiziana

The Mother

A step away from the more-than-halfway-point of 60 (years), Tiziana continues to muster ideas and to believe in dreams as if she were 40 years old. Her interest in “beauty” in all its forms led her to study Art at the Academy of Fine Arts and then to turn her aesthetic research towards Art Management and Direction for television. At every opportunity Tiziana picks up brushes and charcoal and closes herself in her art world of animals and human faces. Her house and her kitchen represent her taste in design: bright, colorful, full of model animals brought from all corners of the world. Gardening is Tiziana’s second passion and a wander amongst her camellias and ferns, mandarin and lemon trees is highly recommended.  Famous among friends and relatives for her doughnuts, frappe, and tarts Tiziana uses her garden produce for the jams used in her winter desserts.

Baratta padre

The Father

Born in Rome in ’49, Roberto has always been interested in the philosophical and political history of people, a passion that culminated with a degree in Contemporary History and that is constantly updated by his abundant reading.

A room in the house, called “Room of the books”, is dedicated exclusively to his thousands of  texts. Similarly, a small cabinet containing books on the historical and gastronomic evolution of different populations is strategically placed in a corner of the kitchen.

Another great passion of Roberto’s of course, is food, starting from shopping (he is the greatest expert on local market buying) to daily cooking of dishes from classic Roman tradition.

On top of this, he even finds time to do his job as an Animated Film Producer with his own company that is one of the oldest and best-known production companies in Italy.



Born in Rome in 1928 Grandma has memories of war and liberation that she often tells stories about over Sunday lunches.

Not only historical, her testimony also gives a detailed and lived account of the food rations that characterized her childhood years. What we now call “culinary arts” was then pure spirit of survival: flower salads and wild herb soups with stale bread.

Forgotten recipes such as Pea Skin soup or Apples and Stale Bread Cake come from  her “art of survival” in the kitchen. They are still used today and are not to be missed!