The market

This is an authentic market, used by Roman locals, with genuine products employed by every Roman family, with salesmen who don’t sell tourist products but only those that are made in Italy. This is our market, Val Melaina market.

Known throughout Rome, the largest in the northern part of the capital, it is the most genuine of the local markets. With stallholders shouting out prices, as is used in Rome, those who go to the market won’t find tourists there but only residents.

If the fruit and vegetable stallholders are masters of the market, with farmers from their Land, Sant’Angelo Romano and Mentana (our personal suppliers), as well as many others. We’ll go to the bakery, where we will discover the stall that specialises in alternative flours (rye, soybeans, grains, corn) and we will then move on to the spectacular fish stalls. We will meet the butchers and buy the deli products, called pizzicagnoli in Rome, that offer local products and cheeses, first and foremost the pecorino romano. A real market, found  in one of the most lively, working class districts of the capital.

A market built in the early 50s following the construction of a council house development, Tufello is the borough that Vittorio de Sica chose to be the home of the character Antonio Ricci in his film The Bicycle Thief, and where the opening shots of the film were made.

Val Melaina is a market where quality of the products is still important and where the rapport between salesman and client develops over years of regular visits. A trustworthy rapport that we are happy to share with you.